Is this the Church’s finest hour?

Since March 26 this year flights began to stop from Europe to the US, businesses began to close, and sporting events were stopped. Our nation and our world has been closing up more and more.

So much of our attention as a country gets bogged down over time with sports, entertainment, movies, concerts, parties, Grammys, Hollywood, and so much more.

I believe we as the church have the greatest opportunity now to arise and let our light shine. So many of the distractions are gone. The people who lived for these distractions are having to turn to other places. Our world is in such a place of stillness and rest.

This is the church’s finest hour. Manipulations strategies to get people to church you will need to do anymore. Twisting peoples arms with false promises and a shallow Gospel you will not need this anymore either.

A pure and powerful Gospel message is needed during this time. A message of hope and a message of life and what better time than the Holy Week of Passover and Easter.

So how do we do this?

It’s simple, most won’t gather physically, so we go to social media means, videos, websites, phone calls, FaceTime, live feeds. Whatever way works for you, the time is now the opportunity is now. The season of rest his here and many are open and looking. Let’s give them a message of hope a message of life. The message that when we surrender ourself to Jesus he will come. When we surrender he will come!

He will come and bring healing, he will come and comfort, he will come and bring that wonderful life that he promises. The new life, where the old passes away and all things become new.

Post it, share it, record it, video it, YouTube it, whatever means works for you. Now is the time!

Happy Easter!

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