There is only one hope for America!

There is only one hope for America. Media, social media, and news outlets have tirelessly given hope to America through promises, statistics, relief money, and good leadership.

All of these are good in there own way, but they have failed to included at anytime that there is only one eternal hope for America and mankind. His name is Jesus! The giver of life, forgiver of sins, savior of man, light in the darkness.

The cdc, cnn, hospitals, doctors, nurses, governors, presidents, vaccine, medication or anything else will not give us eternal life.

If one person dies from this virus or 20 million die from the virus, the question should not only be: what could we have done to save more lives? But how could we have gotten this wonderful news of the saving power of Jesus into a sick and dying world.

On the day of judgment your medications, vaccines, doctorate degrees, savings accounts, 401k, retirement plans, or remorse will not find you favor in the sight of God. It will only be because of the precious blood of Jesus that you will be saved.

Today is the day for salvation not tomorrow. Jesus said, come unto me all who are weary or heavy laden and I will give you rest. Do not wait until your life is all put together to come to him. Surrender yourself to him and he will come. When you surrender yourself is when he comes. Surrender your life over to him and let him give you a new life and take you down a new path.

Today is the day!

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