Are we seeing end times prophecy fulfilled?

There is a lot of talk right now regarding the Coronavirus, and it being a sign of the end times as the Bible records.

When we look at scripture we can find examples happing today that back up these claims such as the mentioning plagues, and natural disasters. (Revelation 13 & Matthew 24)

While we can see that the coronavirus is a plague when we look at history we can also see that a number of plagues and virus’s have happened long before the Covid-19.

Some may even argue that history will conclude we have gone through times that were a greater example to the fulfillment of end times prophecy than what we see now with the Coronavirus.

For example in the 1400s when the Black Plague swept across Europe killing off 1/3 of the population. Did you know this is also the era of the reign of the Catholic Church which was burning Christians at the stake and martyring off the Mennonites by the thousands? These times were very dark, oppressive, and could have been said “ The end must be here.” We know now that is not true as that was over 600 hundred years ago.

However, when we will look at history there was always one thing missing that was not there that is today. That is: that this Gospel will be preached to all nations and people and then the end will come. ( Matthew 24:14 ) We would not have been able to say this were true in any time in history except now. Many missiologists would say that we are very close to the gospel being preached to all people and nations. We are not there yet but very close.

With times becoming unsure and confusion settling in there is such a great opportunity for the Gospel to be preached.

It is times like these where people who do not have an eternal hope go looking for something. Some look in place that this world may even deem as good and others in areas that are clearly dark and not good.

Did you know just this last week Alcohol sales saw an increase by 50%. People as we speak are trying to drowned out their sorrows, pain or the reality of losing a job, or loved one.

Now is the time for the Church, now we should be on the front lines, now we should be preaching this glorious message that in the midst of death there is a life available for all people and it can only be found in the message of salvation. That Jesus delivers us from death and darkness and gives us a whole new life with him. People are looking for this life and you can give it to them. Will you go?

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